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 Day of Reckoning, Part I

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Day of Reckoning, Part I Empty
PostSubject: Day of Reckoning, Part I   Day of Reckoning, Part I EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:42 pm

The red and orange suns began to rise over the vast desert landscape above the valley at which the three rested. Sinister once again already lie awake, waiting to greet the morning another day.

Before departing the campsite, Sinister checked on Fearless and Devil by peering momentarily into each of their tents. Unsurprisingly, they were both sleeping soundly... probably due to the intense sparring Sinister intentionally made them do the evening before.

Once he confirmed they would not wake for some time, he headed off into the deeper parts of the valley... for he had business to attend to.


After some time, he reached a point in the valley which had been scarred by war. Tree life had been uprooted, many craters were present and the color of the dirt itself was a harsh brown, differing from the usual sandy brown. It obviously served as the staging area for a great battle, but also as a final resting place for a past warrior; Scarz.

Scarz fell at the hand of Sinister years before during the FOG/LSJ war, however it was not Sinister's intent to kill him. That day, Scarz perished and died a pointless death of his own doing. LAK buried him in the earth where he had fallen along with his sword serving as a marking point.

As he stepped towards Scarz's burial and knelt down to pay his respects, Sinister consciously reminisced the days he so regretted...



Jeff, Chicali and Sinister were seated in a circular council chamber on JOG's capital city of Coruscant. The table at which they sat was round and large, with 11 different chairs. Jeff and Chicali both sat together, opposite of Sinister. Surrounding the walls were pictures and portraits of JOG's so-called warriors... It disgusted Sinister.

The two JOG leaders were talking amongst one another, seeming to discuss the conversation that would surely ensue. Sinister grew weary of the waiting and spoke "So why has the mighty JOG summoned me?" he said in an intrigued, yet annoyed manner.

His request was ignored, apparent when the two continued with their exclusive discussion...

Sinister now became aggravated and rose from his seat. The two men still persisted to ignore him. "I said... why am I here!?" he impulsively raised his voice to the rude men.

"Calm down... take a seat." Jeff told Sinister, using his hand as a form of dismissal before reengaging in conversation with Chicali. Sinister was not one to take orders, especially from someone in JOG. He continued to stand... and his temper continued to wither.

Jeff took immediate notice and began to speak. "Ok Sinister, we're finished. You can take a seat." he began. Reluctantly, Sinister returned to his chair.

"Now, care to tell me why I'm here?" Sinister questioned. Jeff and Chicali glanced at one another for a moment before Jeff addressed Sinister's request. "You wish to clear your name and the charges held against you, correct?" he asked. "Yes... but who are we kidding? You've sent your best after me and I've dealt with them accordingly." Sinister replied. "Wanted or not, it's fruitless; no one can best me in my current state. I think even you know that Jeff." he continued. "Indeed. . ." replied the JOG Grand Master.

It was obvious Sinister's blatant confidence had taken its toll on Chicali's tolerance. Chicali's eyes began to illustrate disease as if the wrath inside of him was beginning to accumulate.

"Well, here is our offer. . ." Jeff started. "If you do what we ask, your name will be cleared. All charges against you will be wiped from the system." he assured. Jeff paused for a moment to allow adequate time for Sinister to absorb the proposal. "What is it you want me to do?" Sinister wondered. At that moment, an indulgent grimace came across Chicali's face.

Jeff briefly hesitated. "In essence. . . betray LSJ." he explained. "Not a chance." Sinister immediately replied. The pleasureful smile that once graced Chicali's face now became a look of contempt. "Listen, you won't have to lay a hand on them. All we want is for you to prepare FOG for LSJ's ambush. I'm sure you could show them a thing or two." Jeff explicated.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." Sinister said with a shake of his head. Jeff sighed and started again. "Very well. . . Chicali?" Jeff cued his counterpart. Chicali then cleared his throat before speaking.

"Your refusal of our offer forces us to use... extraordinary measures."
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Day of Reckoning, Part I
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