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 Day of Reckoning, Part VI

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Day of Reckoning, Part VI Empty
PostSubject: Day of Reckoning, Part VI   Day of Reckoning, Part VI EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:47 pm

New eras don't come about because of swords; they're created by the men who wield them.

"You do remember our agreement, don't you Sinister?" Clean asked in an indulgent manner. Sinister replied with a stern grimace and then began to step toward them. Immediately, Clean clutched Devil Wing's unconscious body closer to his own, placing him in a headlock whilst holding a dagger to his heart with his other hand. "Take one more step and he DIES!" Clean commanded. Sinister stopped.

The wind began to pick up and the air became riddled with dust particles lessening the vision of everyone around. Sinister squinted to better make out the figures of Clean and Devil in the distance. Some time had passed and Clean spoke once more. "Now, do as you were ordered... Finish off Jiraiya, then kill the others!" he ordered through the sand.

Sinister pulled a 180 and backtracked to Jiraiya's incapacitated body. As he began his traverse to the fallen LSJ warrior, he closed his eyes in contemplation. Time seemed to stand still... till finally, he reached his destination.

The recent surge through the air had brought LAK back to consciousness. "What... what's he doing!?" LAK asked himself. "No... he's defenseless. He wouldn't!" Scarz cried out. LAK shut his eyes in preparation for what was about to happen and reassured Scarz "It'll be ok." he said. He waited for a response, but heard nothing... It was then he witnessed a peculiar sight; Scarz had somehow mustered some strength and raced toward his fallen comrade. LAK tried to lift himself from the ground, but it proved futile... his body was too weak. "Good luck..." he whispered gazing off into the distance.

Sinister removed his sword from its sheath and clutched it in his right hand, holding it firmly... and then began to squeeze it tightly. His anger was showing, but only through that one hand. His knuckles even began to turn white... Then his venting was brought to a halt as he saw something through the corner of his eye; Scarz's blade. It was like staring death in the face...

Sinister was able to counter the attack at the last second, using his sword to knock away the blade of Scarz and remove himself from harm. He sighed in relief... however the relief was only temporary. Blood began to stream down the left side of Sinister's face... falling from his cheek and down his neck, dripping off his cheekbone. "What?" he thought to himself as he touched the wound with his hand.

It was the first time he had seen his own blood.

"So this... is what... my blood looks like."

After panting momentarily, Scarz readied himself once again and started to attack. Sinister looked to Scarz and felt hopeless. Still, he prepared himself. The two went at it, but it was obvious Sinister was purposely on the defensive. As they fought, Sinister used every opportunity possible to reach out to the infuriated LSJ warrior. "No one has to die here today!" he said. "It is not my intention to kill any of you!" he called out. Scarz ignored him.

Sinister himself became aggravated and used a technique that sent Scarz flying backwards, temporarily disabling him. "We can all get out of this alive, all I need is a little time. I am not here to kill you!" he pleaded. Scarz rose from the ground. His breathing was heavy and deep. He clutched his sword, wiped the sand from his mouth and spoke. "You may have fooled Jiraiya with your deception, but it won't work on me!" declared Scarz as he once more charged forth.

Their blades locked. Scarz had gained some sort of adrenaline rush, forcing both fighters to struggle for an advantage... Scarz did not want to submit and kept on pushing, as did Sinister. "He can't keep this up much longer..." Sinister thought to himself. "Huh?" he consciously wondered as something happened. Their blocklock had ended, Scarz's sword had broken from the relentless pressure... Just like a broken dam is unable to hold back the water, a broken sword could no longer prevent Sinister's blade from piercing Scarz... and so it did.

Disbelief struck in everyone, at least almost everyone.

"I... I can't believe it! He killed him!" Gman said. Fearless' eyes became wide and focused.

"No... Scarz..." LAK said with his last ounce of energy before falling unconscious.

"Mmhahaha... that's one down! Two to go!" Clean menacingly yelled out. "Hear that Devil Wing? Seems your master truly does care about you... haha." he continued on.

Before removing his sword from Scarz's torso, Sinister spoke two words.

"I'm... sorry."

Scarz's body fell to the ground. He was dead.
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Day of Reckoning, Part VI
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