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 Day of Reckoning, Part IIX

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Day of Reckoning, Part IIX Empty
PostSubject: Day of Reckoning, Part IIX   Day of Reckoning, Part IIX EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:49 pm

Jiraiya's eyes faded in and out as he slowly regained consciousness. The LSJ leader squinted until his eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight. He caught wind of a particular smell and made haste in his movements. Rising to his feet, he observed the surrounding area... then, his heart dropped.

"No. Scarz." he thought to himself as he briefly closed his eyes.


"You ok?" Sinister asked. "Yeah, I'm good... I think." Devil replied.

Both sat in a moment of reflection of everything that had just happened. Sinister was obviously relieved, but also quite frustrated. Devil Wing still did not understand the full extent of the situation. "So what hap-"

"You!" Jiraiya called out to Sinister. "You did this!" he said while holding Scarz's corpse in his hands. Jiraiya furiously glared at Sinister. Devil glanced to his master who was staring intently toward the ground. "Look at me, coward!" Jiraiya demanded. Sinister lifted his head and met eyes with the distraught LSJ fighter.

The others started over towards where Devil, Jiraiya and Sinister were. GMAN, Fearless and Spidey from one side... LAK from the other. "What happened?" LAK asked aloud. "This... this animal killed Scarz!" Jiraiya said vigorously, referring to Sinister. "That animal saved your lives!" GMAN called out. Jiraiya glared at GMAN confused, then returned his attention to Sinister.

"It's true!" Fearless confirmed GMAN's claim. "Scarz died-" Sinister interrupted. "Scarz died fighting for you." Sinister said to Jiraiya. "Huh?" Jiraiya wondered. "It's true... he died from my blade, you are right. But I had no choice." Sinister continued. There was a pause, but it was short-lived as LAK blew up. "You bastard!" he cried out aggressively. Blinded by rage, LAK walked toward where Sinister was sitting. Devil rose to his feet in defense. "No LAK." Jiraiya said. "Let's go." he told his fellow clansman. LAK clenched his fist in anger and then turned back.

"One day... in this life or the next, one day you will pay for this Sinister." Jiraiya spoke. "When that day comes, I'll be the one removing my sword from your corpse." Then, he and LAK turned and walked away.

GMAN became aggravated. "Where do you think you're-" "No, let them go." Sinister said. "They've seen enough today. You can continue your fight with them later." Looking to Sinister in disbelief, GMAN submitted. "Fine, but next time I won't let them just walk away... even if you are here." he said.



"After all that had happened that day, I knew I wanted to learn under Sinister." Fearless said. "Regardless of what others thought of him, or what he had done... I knew it was my only option if I wanted to become stronger..." he continued. "to become the strongest."
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Day of Reckoning, Part IIX
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