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 Day of Reckoning, Part VII

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Day of Reckoning, Part VII Empty
PostSubject: Day of Reckoning, Part VII   Day of Reckoning, Part VII EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:48 pm

Devil Wing began to open his eyes. His vision was blurred and the light emitted from the suns was blinding. Still quite disoriented, he reached for his hand to shield his face, but could not move. "Huh?" he thought. He tried again and still no luck. It was then he realized his predicament...

Infuriated, Devil rustled back and forth, trying as he could to relinquish himself...

"It's no use." Clean uttered confidently. "You're only wasting energy." he continued. A cry emerged from the depths of Devil's soul and he once again tried to free himself from the grip of the JOG master and once again... it proved fruitless.

"Wait, what about Sinister? Is he alive?" Devil thought.

"Sinister, you still have two targets to kill! End them... like you ended Scarz!" Clean ordered.

"What? Scarz?" Devil wondered. He looked up to figure out what had happened since he'd been unconscious.


Scarz's body lied lifeless in the sand. Blood had stained the ground surrounding his corpse into a dirty, dark red. Starved birds circled above, awaiting a chance at a fresh meal. The unforgiving heat pounded down, magnifying the stench. It was a scent Sinister had become all too familiar with; the smell of blood.


"So he killed him. I can't believe he did it... but why?" Devil Wing consciously questioned.


Sinister began over to Jiraiya a final time. The LSJ warrior was still unconscious and would be for several more minutes. But suddenly, his pace was halted by Mr Clean. "Wait!" Clean yelled from afar. "I need to ensure that this is a lethal blow. I must get closer... but don't try anything! I won't hesitate to kill him!" he said. Sinister smirked. "Too easy" he thought.


Clean had reached his destination and Sinister again started to Jiraiya. "This is it..." Sinister told himself. "There's no room for error." he assured his conscience. He stopped just short of the LSJ warrior and slowly pulled his sword from the sheath...

"What's he doing!?" Devil thought. "Why isn't Jiraiya already dead? I don't understand..."


He raised the sword to a striking position. The final moment was at hand...

Clean indulgently snickered."Yes! Do it!" Clean thought. "Kill him! Do the work for us!"

Devil Wing observed inquisitively. "Something isn't right..." he thought.

The others, Gman, Fearless and Spidey, all rose to their feet to better witness what was about to happen.


Sinister started to swing his sword at a downward angle... "YES!" Clean yelled. However, he stopped the sword's descent and brought it across at shoulder-level while he turned his hips... he then released it from his hand. The sword was airborne... headed directly for Devil and Clean.

"NO!" Clean cried out.

"WHAT!?" Devil said.

There was no time to react. The sword made contact and pierced both Clean and Devil Wing. Both men fell to the ground, one on top of the other. Sinister rushed over to ensure his apprentice was okay.

He stood over Devil Wing and spoke. "Are you okay!?" Sinister asked. "Uh... yeah... yeah I think I am?" he replied. "I'm taking the sword out." explained Sinister. Devil nodded in readiness. He reached for the sword which had entered between Devil's left shoulder and neck, and slowly pulled it out. "Agghhhhhhh!!" Devil cried out.

"It's only a flesh wound." Sinister said with a relieved face. Devil Wing rose from the ground and clutched his wounded area. He looked to Sinister in thanks, but also in worry. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." Sinister began. "Just go sit down over there..." he continued. "Right..." Devil confirmed with a nod.


Sinister wiped the blood from his blade with his shirt and stood over Clean who was only clinging to life. "How... how did this happen?" Clean said in disbelief as he coughed up blood. Sinister began speaking...

"Your appetite for the death of LSJ blinded you..." he said. "I was unsure of what to do at first. I did not want to kill Jiraiya... and you were at such a distance you would of been able to evade an attack and most certainly have Devil Wing die in your place." he continued. "My only option was to kill Jiraiya; 3 dead enemies is better than 1 dead friend. However, I could not bring myself to do such... instead I was only going to mortally wound him." Sinister explained. "Then, you chose to come closer... to witness it for yourself, with your own eyes. That was my chance and I took it."

"No... this can't be happening..." Clean said in denial.

"Face it, you're a victim of karma. Now... you pay the price." spoke Sinister.

Clean then began to maniacally laugh. "Mmhahaha... it doesn't matter! None of it matters!" he paused to cough blood. "They will die... and so will you! Hahaha!" Clean declared. Sinister clutched his sword and placed it above Clean's neck so that the tip was only inches away, then he spoke.

"I'm already dead."

The sword fell. Clean was dead.
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Day of Reckoning, Part VII
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