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 Day of Reckoning, Part II

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Day of Reckoning, Part II Empty
PostSubject: Day of Reckoning, Part II   Day of Reckoning, Part II EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:43 pm

"LSJ threatens not only the stability of our world, but all worlds alike. Across the board they are causing destruction and chaos... their very existence is rooted in war!" Chicali continued. Then, Jeff interrupted "If LSJ defeats FOG, then another world-wide war will surely ensue. You know nothing good will come from that. . ." Jeff told Sinister.

Chicali then reveled as he gave a short speech. "If you do not accept our terms there will be two consequnces." he started. "First, we will kill those dear to you, including your apprentice Devil Wing. Once that is through, it will be your turn to die to ensure this dies with you." he explained. Chicali leaned back in his chair and took pleasure in the moment.

The situation had now grown to be grave. Unknowingly Sinister put not only Devil Wing, but himself in danger as well. However, he was more concerned for Devil. Sinister contemplated his predicament for a short while and then realized he had no choice. "Fine, I'll do it." he submitted. A smile once again returned to the face of Chicali.

"However..." Sinister interrupted Chicali's exultation. "If you lay a single hand on Devil Wing or have any other hand in that battle..." he looked into their eyes and spoke sternly. "I will find you... and I will kill you." he stated.

The two JOG Masters looked to one another in a disconcerting fashion and then back to Sinister. Jeff hid his apprehension through the veil of a smile. "Fair enough." he agreed nonchalantly. Chicali also gave a nod of agreement.

Sinister eased himself from his chair, rose to his feet and began toward the chamber exit. During his way, he paused for a moment and turned around to face the two men a final time.

"The proper term... is extortion." he said with a subtle sneer. "Farewell." He then exited the room.

"What is he talking about?" Chicali wondered aloud as he looked to Jeff. "He is referring to what we are asking. . . or rather, what we are threatening him to do." Jeff explained. The slow-witted Chicali then realized what he was referring to. "I can't stand that smartass! We should have killed him while he was here!" Chicali griped. "No. . ." Jeff began speaking. "The only way to kill that man. . . is through his heart."



Sinister rose from Scarz's grave and stood before it for a final goodbye to the previous LSJ warrior. He did not know Scarz well, but still respected him as a fighter. A few moments later, Sinister started his crossing back across the valley floor to return to base. It would be almost noon by the time of his arrival. "Surely they're awake by now..." he thought to himself.


As he traversed the land, he noticed the wind had begun to pick up substantially. With the uprising of the wind came small, but sharp sand pellets. They were nothing in small amounts, but in high doses they had the potential to tear away at the skin and cause severe burns. He had only covered about half the distance to the base when he looked up into the sky and witnessed a peculiar sight; a giant sand storm.

Under the impression that it would not effect the valley below, he continued onward. However, he had assumed wrong... The storm began to thicken and intensify until the entire sky had been erased by a rich brown fog. Not even the twin Tatooine suns were visible. It was then that he noticed the storm was moving in a circular motion, rather than side to side. This meant their was a single point, or person, of control...

No sooner than he realized this the storm dove into the valley below and engulfed all that was visible for miles. Knowing the true danger of sandstorms, whether man-made or natural, Sinister put a cloth around his face and set up a small tent for shelter. It was best to ride out a sandstorm, rather than wander about it blind...
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Day of Reckoning, Part II
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