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 History of Round 2

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History of Round 2 Empty
PostSubject: History of Round 2   History of Round 2 EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 11:57 pm

vVv was reformed a second time in mid-August of 2009. Once again it was led under a trio of hard-hitting, experienced jedi players. That trio consisted of Sinister, Spidey and Fearless. The three found success early on, gaining new recruits such as Da_Vinci as well as familiar faces such as C*T.

However, vVv took a blow when Spidey left the clan. In his stead, Devil Wing was granted a leadership position. Soon, many other great players joined including Full*Clip, Blaine, Excillias and TOP3_4EVER. Some time later, Spidey rejoined his former vVv brethren and things seemed promising. But amidst the success, Sinister was beginning to lose his passion for the game...

An announcement was made by Sinister, telling of his contempt for the game. Unfortunately, the rest of vVv misinterpreted the message and believed him to be abandoning them which was simply not the case. Sadly... this was the clan's demise as it fell apart under insignificant circumstances.

However, vVv was a powerhouse at this time. If you intended on improving your abilities, vVv was the place to go as was evident when looking at our roster at the time. No different from Round 1, during Round 2 you knew that if you came into our server you were going to be playing hard.
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History of Round 2
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