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 Quantum's Application

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PostSubject: Quantum's Application   Quantum's Application EmptyThu May 29, 2014 7:58 pm

In-game name: Quantum

Age: 17

Past Names: a bunch of random names too many to list

Past Clans: None

Do you have a mic? yes

Can you use skype? yes

What are some of your strengths? Sith - i can play a maul well, vader really well & dooku extremely well i had some NF experience too but i pulled outta that part of the game due to assholes

What are some of your weaknesses? a really good vader

Define your playstyle: desfensive... maybe too defensive

Would you like to change your playstyle? Why/why not? i would like to play a little more aggresive, i am kinda tired of playing defense but i can play that role if y'all want

Who do you most admire as a person on this game? Why? umm... never thought of this

Who do you most admire as a player on this game? Why? this goes back to the Ps2... i admire Neji if he stills plays, he is pretty sick and i saw Sinister is in vVv his videos are a HUGE helper

What do you believe defines a great clan on this game? Teamwork, communication and power!

Would you rather be known as a great 1v1er or great team player? BOTH

Which 3 are most important as a player; speed, precision, knowledge, creativity, or composure? Speed, Precision & Knowledge (with persuasion)

What player(s) do you want to beat? pretty much anyone who are dicks

Can you commit yourself to training? yes

Summarize your experience on this game. i have played for.. 4-5 years i like this game alot and i hope it stays online

Why do you want to join vVv? i want to make new friends and have good times and win games

Additional Comments: i really hope i get in!
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Quantum's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Quantum's Application   Quantum's Application EmptyFri May 30, 2014 12:33 am

Sorry this is the wrong site, http://vvvgaming.forumotion.com/ go there to apply to vVv for pc

Quantum's Application Younes-HOF
Quantum's Application VVvuserbar
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Quantum's Application
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