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 Ghost Jury

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PostSubject: Ghost Jury   Ghost Jury EmptySat Jan 04, 2014 11:12 pm

Glimpse of the Past

"These walls won't hold me!"

"I'll find a way out! You know I will! You old fool!"

JOG Temple

Kratos dragged his feet forward, pushed along by an officer of the Royal JOG Guard.

"Keep moving!" the officer grunted.

Soon they emerged into a large lobby, marked by white marble, ancient stonework, and fitted with a high regal ceiling. Kratos lifted his head to behold the honorary mural of JOG's founding fathers. It depicted the warriors during their gloried triumph over SuperDuper and the Sith in the Super War. Leading the charge was Grand Master Chicali, along with Elder Jeff and the now deceased Commander, Mr. Clean. Kratos was only 11 years old at the time. He wondered what it must have been like.

"You're no different from them you know, the sith..." the officer snarled. "You'll suffer the same fate as SuperDuper."

Kratos exchanged glances with the officer.

"Death. In the pit of Latria." the officer grinned.

"This way!" a voice shouted. It was a court official. "The trial begins soon." he explained.

JOG Temple: Intergalactic Tribunal

Voices began to churn.

"Where are the others?"

"Was it really just one man?"

"How come there's no jury? What kind of a trial is this?"

"All rise for honorable Judge Orion." ordered a royal guard.

"Thank you. Let's begin." the Judge said.

Silence befell the room.

Judge Orion began to read the document aloud at his seat. It read :

Prisoner Name: Aurion, Kratos
Origins: Unknown
Title: Founder and Leader of rogue group, LSJ
Crimes as follows:
Grand Theft; multiple containers of ship fuel, (1) republic starcruiser, (9) rekton blasters, multiple other items unaccounted for
Attempted murder (3); JubJub, Spidey, Civil
Premeditated murder (2); Santa Cookies, GMAN
Conspiracy to Treason against the Republic of JOG
Extortion of Information; gained restricted access to JOG's uED network to gain leverage over its Commander
Intergalactic smuggling; forged weapons on planet of Emyrlian, illegally imported to Coruscant, Tatooine
Impersonation of an Imperial Officer

The Judge took a breath, looked forward and spoke, "I'll make this easy."

"I hereby sentence you to death by public execution in the form of beheading. I desire there to be no delay, however, fortunately for you our Constitution forbids one be both sentenced and executed during the same day. Therefore I am allowing two days time." he declared.

"Now, get this scum out of my courtroom!" he ordered.
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Ghost Jury
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