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 Battlefront 2 Record

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PostSubject: Battlefront 2 Record   Battlefront 2 Record EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 11:57 pm


vVv vs GOR
vVv: Devil & Fearless
GOR: Tyrlan & Kraiel
vVv wins 100-48

vVv vs LSJ
vVv: Sinister, Devil & Fearless
LSJ: Kratos, Manny, Biostorm & Passion (rotated)
vVv wins 80-42

vVv vs GOR
vVv: Fearless and Neji
GOR: Spidey and BOOGER
vVv wins 46-24

vVv vs JASU
vVv wins 60-6

vVv vs Milleneum
vVv: Berserk and Assassin
Milleneum: FRAG and AJ
vVv wins 60-30

vVv vs Milleneum
vVv: Neji, Fearless, and Twist(rotated)
Mlleneum: Dex, Killax, OZ(rotated)
vVv wins 105-31

vVv vs GOR
vVv: Fearless and Neji
GOR: Razgriz and Falcon
vVv wins 40-4

vVv vs BHL
vVv: Neji, Younes, Terror, Blaine (and Devil @ the end)
BHL: Tantive, For the Wolf, Reaper... someone else
vVv wins 279-43

vVv vs. Milleneum
vVv: Fearless and Berserk
Milleneum: Gaara and AJ
vVv wins 60-9

vVv vs. BHL
vVv lineup: Neji, Blaine, and Manuel
BHL lineup: Reaper, Wolf, and Tantive
vVv wins 100-50

vVv vs Milleneum
vVv: Fearless, Neji, Blaine, Younes (Sinister at the end)
MILL: Shockr, AJ, Killax, Ranger
vVv wins 127-71

vVv vs. GOR
vVv lineup: Fearless and Blaine
GOR lineup: Darkstarr and Ky-Rein
vVv wins 35-12

vVv vs BOT
vVv: Sinister & Younes
BOT: Raptor & A-hole
vVv wins 60-14

vVv vs BOT
vVv: Fearless, Blaine, and Younes
BOT: A-Hole, Recon, and Raptor
vVv wins 150-42

vVv vs BOT
vVv: Fearless, Blaine, Younes, Veil(rotated), Mystery(rotated)
BOT: Recon, Raptor, Dilligaf, A-Hole(rotated), Spongebob(rotated)
vVv wins 300-125

vVv vs DSF
vVv: Fearless & Zable
DSF: Blade & Rupture
vVv wins 50-27

vVv vs BOT
vVv: Fearless & Blaine
BOT: Raptor & A-Hole
vVv wins 50-13

vVv vs BOT
vVv: Fearless, Mystery, Zable, & Veil
BOT: Raptor, Mr.Twinke, Superman, & Recon
vVv wins 200-63

vVv vs MNC
vVv: Sin, Spectre, Fearless
MNC: Blaze, Rupture, Blade
vVv wins 92-47

vVv vs MNC
vVv: Fearless and Ninja
MNC: Blade and Rupture
vVv wins 56-54

Battlefront 2 Record Sinisterhof
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Battlefront 2 Record
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