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 Day of Reckoning, Part IV

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Day of Reckoning, Part IV Empty
PostSubject: Day of Reckoning, Part IV   Day of Reckoning, Part IV EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:45 pm

Aggravated by Jiraiya's negligent attitude, Sinister began to charge at him with immense speed. His dash threw rocks and pebbles about and a trail of disrupted sand and thick dust had been left in his wake...

He swung his sword at Jiraiya with the force of his speed and the power of his rage... However, Jiraiya blocked the attack, but the impact of the attack sent him flying backwards anyway. Sinister charged at him again to close the distance. He wanted this battle to be short.

The two clashed, going back and forth. Impacts from the attacks sent shockwaves through the air that could be felt hundred of feet away. The once sleeping LAK now lie awake due to the sheer magnitude of the battle.

Jiraiya's composure began to falter dramatically, while Sinister maintained his, even seeming to grow stronger since the encounter began. He put Jiraiya on the defensive and then was able to knock away his sword with a swift swing of his own. A quick punch to the stomach delivered from Sinister's fist put Jiraiya in a temporarily disabled state.

"It's over Jiraiya." he said to the weaponless LSJ warrior. Jiraiya sat defenselessly... his rear was in the sand with his hands holding his stomach in pain. Sinister began to make his way toward the fallen fighter until his sword was only inches from Jiraiya's face.

"How could I of been defeated so easily?" Jiraiya wondered to himself. He began to lose his hope and accept the fate he had been given. "I never thought this would be my end." he thought It was then that he looked to his right and saw Scarz and LAK off in the distance. The two were not in any sort of state to fight, Jiraiya was the only remaining LSJ fighter with the ability to stand straight.

"No..." he thought to himself. "No, I can't lose... I can't let them down!" he assured to himself. It would seem his fallen comrades were his inspiration as his adrenaline began to pump and he rose to his feet. Instantly, he returned the favor to Sinister... leaving him winded from a punch to the torso before grabbing his sword.

"I shouldn't of been so easy on him..." Sinister thought as he clutched his stomach in agony.


Fearless' face dropped like a bomb. "What!! I don't understand!?" said the young fighter. "I thought Sinister had him?" he called out in wonderment. "It seems Jiraiya has a hidden power." Devil declared. "Indeed." Gman agreed. "Although Sinister wasn't even using half his strength." Devil explicated. The two FOG fighters looked to Devil Wing disconcertingly. "What?" Fearless asked in disbelief. "You heard me right..." Devil began. "I doubt Sinister wants to kill Jiraiya with all that they've been through, but it seems that mercy has cost him now." he explained.

"I see." Gman said with his arms crossed, wondering if Sinister had used his full strength on him when they had fought. Fearless was simply left speechless. "Wow..." he thought to himself.


Sinister recovered from Jiraiya's blow and reformed his fighting stance. The current adversaries now stood only but a few yards from one another. The two glared for a moment, as if to signal they were ready and then... they charged! This time the clash was even greater as dirt and sand was tossed and thrown around in all directions and more violent shockwaves teared through the air. Neither seemed to hold an advantage in this second skirmish as they continued to go back and forth, swing by swing, block by block...

The two warriors found themselves caught in a blocklock, struggling for an opening... searching for a way to gain the upper hand. Then, in a coincidence, Jiaraiya and Sinister performed a special stun technique at the same time which ejected them from the lock and sent their bodies flying in opposite directions.

As Sinister landed and took a moment to regain composure, he weighed his options. "Dammit!" he thought to himself. "If I use more power I could kill him, but at this rate this battle will end as a draw." he figured. He stared at the harsh brown ground for a few seconds and then realized what he must do. "I have no choice..." he confirmed as he commenced his running attack.

"I have to end this now!" Jiraiya thought to himself. "I don't care what happened in the past, he has to die today!" he assured his mind as he began his charge.

Sinister and Jiraiya met each other with a huge bang... a crash that for a moment created so much debris that they weren't visible... a collision that shook the very earth itself and carved a crater through the thick, dry dirt.

The hole left in the wake of their impact was the size of a football field and at least thirty feet deep. They continued fighting at the bottom of the crater... No sooner than they had been in the hole were they out of it and in the air. They jumped from the crater's base and started an aerial battle for a few short moments before landing back on ground level.


The fighters charged a final time and continued back and forth. Moments later Jiraiya used a stun technique that Sinister would have easily been able to avoid. "Now's my chance!" he thought as he threw himself into the center of the technique's effected area. His sword was cast aside as he was hurled through the air and landed hard on the ground.


Displaying his acceptance of defeat, he rose his back and sat on his legs with his knees bent as Jiraiya made his way over toward him. "Your reign of treachery ends today!" Jiraiya announced. "To think, I would kill the mighty Sinister as he died for a cause he doesn't believe in." he reveled a bit. "The past is the past, this is here and now... and now you must die!" Jiraiya declared as he raised his sword in preparation for attack.

Sinister closed his eyes and began to consciously question his decision...

"Is there no other way?" he wondered. "I cannot kill Jiraiya, he is like a brother... but I can't let Devil Wing perish because of my mistake" he thought. "Surely he will go unharmed if I die here... surely they will take pity on the situation and relent their spite?" he questioned.

"Yes, this is the only way."


Devil Wing instantly rose from his seat to stand. "WHAT?!!?" he cried out as he could not believe his eyes. "WHAT'RE YOU DOING!? JUST KILL HIM SINISTER!!!" he yelled out from his overwatch position. He then realized Sinister was not moving from his position. "No goddammit, this isn't happening!!" he thought to himself as he began to dash toward his master. But, before he could cover any ground he was stopped in his tracks and a force had clutched his neck...


Before Jiraiya thrust his sword downard onto Sinister's neck, he spoke a final time. "Once I'm through with you, Devil Wing is next to ensure your legacy is at an end." he announced.

The words pierced through Sinister's head like a shot to the heart and then...

He opened his eyes.
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Day of Reckoning, Part IV
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