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 Day of Reckoning, Part III

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Day of Reckoning, Part III Empty
PostSubject: Day of Reckoning, Part III   Day of Reckoning, Part III EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:45 pm

The winds howled as the air swirled about, carrying the sands of Tatooine around in a fierce and violent motion. Sinister dare not leave the safety of his pitch-tent for he knew the present danger that lie just outside. It tossed and turned, periodically he would push the built-up sand back as it accumulated outside the tent toward the base.

He sat and pondered the situation only to find himself puzzled. "What caused this?" he wondered to himself. "And how did it descend into the valley? I've never seen a sandstorm with a fixed point... something isn't right."

Much time had now passed, yet the storm still continued... seemingly perpetual. It hadn't weakened or grown to be stronger... It was constant, yet unrelenting. Then suddenly... it seized.

Sinister emerged from his tent and observed the area...

It was as if there had never a storm there in years. The sky was clear and blue, coupled with the dual suns high above which signaled the time of noon. The surrounding earth appeared untouched and unscathed. The very valley had seemed to grow years older in only a short few minutes... as if time had flashed forward.

"No... something certainly isn't right." he affirmed.


"Where the hell is he at?" Devil Wing blurted out. He and Fearless had been awake for almost an hour now. "I don't know, but he had better hurry. It's almost noon." Fearless replied. Devil then looked up into the sky as if to reach out and try to find his master, but it proved worthless...

The two began to disassemble their tents and place them back in their storage packs. Fearless worked obsessively, as if he had somewhere to be... while Devil Wing took his time. "I hope he's alright..." he said aloud. Then, he laughed a little as something sparked his memory. "What're you giggling about over there?" Fearless asked. "I was just thinking about the last time the three of us were here..." Devil responded.

The two then paused and took a moment to remember the day that was...



FOG and LSJ had been bitter enemies for many months. Blood had been shed and each side had experienced the pain of loss. This path continued until a day came where both sides decided to no longer go back and forth, but to face each other on the battlefield and settle their differences as warriors... to engage in a final fateful battle.

We now enter that unforgetful and unforgiving day...


"It's just you and me." said Jiraiya to Fearless. The two rival clans had chosen to take a more traditional approach of battle and had their warriors fight one another one on one. Gman had defeated Scarz in the first round, while Spidey and LAK's battle seemed to end at a stalemate. Now, the final skirmish between Fearless and Jiraiya was about to begin...

"Let's do this." Fearless readied. Jiraiya gave a nod of agreement. "Not so fast..." a voice from behind Fearless called out. It was Sinister. He began to approach the two, until he reached Fearless' side. He stared directly at Jiraya and Jiraya back at him. "Step aside boy." he ordered to Fearless. Fearless turned to look at GMan who gave a nod of approval before he left.

Sinister would now fight in Fearless' stead.

"I should have known..." Jiraiya said. "Known what exactly?" Sinister asked. "I should have known better than to believe you would truly remain loyal to LSJ." Jiraiya responded in a disgusted tone. Sinister's face then showed that of disgust as well. "and what of your plan to throw Devil and I aside once this battle finished?" Sinister blatantly questioned with a slight sneer.

Jiraiya said nothing.


"What do you think they're talking about?" Fearless asked Gman. "I don't know, but I don't like it." he replied. "Is Sinister going to fight Jiraiya...?" Fearless wondered out loud. "That was the plan... but ya never know with this guy, I swear!" Gman griped.

It was then that Devil Wing interrupted. "They'll fight. Sinister just wants to humiliate Jiraiya with words first, then he'll do it with his sword." he explained. Fearless' facial expression then showed that he was clearly puzzled while Gman produced a mild smile as if he had faced a similiar circumstance.


"Did you really think I would let that happen, even if you had somehow managed to keep it from me?" he once again questioned Jiraiya who still had no response. Sinister glared at the LSJ leader for a moment and then spoke. "Fine... stand there in silent shame. I'll just beat it out of you!"
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Day of Reckoning, Part III
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