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 Mourning Glory

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PostSubject: Mourning Glory   Mourning Glory EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:41 pm

As the sun rose, Sinister already lie awake... sitting outside of their sleeping quarters in deep contemplation of the events that would surely ensue. As he sat, he could not help but feel much remorse... remembering the things that he had done to LSJ... to LAK and Kratos. While his young and hopeful apprentices soundly slept and the bright, orange sun gripped the desert horizon, he bowed his head in somber mourning and tears fell from his eyes.

"I've done so much... and now I must do one last thing. Please... forgive me." he whispered.


"Wake up!" Sinister raised his voice to his sleepy comrads. "C'mon, there's no time to waste! LSJ will be here soon." he continued. "Alright, alright I'm up." Fearless said, scratching away the sleepiness still present in his eyes. "Devil, let's go. Get up!" Sinister ordered as Devil still lie in bed. Devil Wing did not relent from his resting position on the bed. Sinister stormed off into a nearby room and running water could be heard. He returned with a bottle full of water and dumped it onto Devil's face.

"What the poop!?" Devil Wing yelled out, raising out of his bed. "Get up, there is no time for fooling around today." Sinister told him. Devil began to wipe the water from his face with his blankets and stepped out of his bed. "I'm awake and I'm drenched... now what?" Devil Wing asked in frustration with his arms to his side. "Both of you get something to eat and meet me outside." Sinister replied.

Both warriors each made a bowl of their favorite cereals. They ate with haste while Sinister patiently lie in wait just beyond the front door. He stood with his arms crossed and eyes closed. He stood on one leg; one foot rested in a bent position gripping the wall of their small home base, while the other embraced the dry, coarse sands below.

It was now mid-morning and the twin suns of Tatooine punished the barren landscape from above with torrid rays of heat, seeming to exhaust the very planet itself. However, this sort of environment was not foreign to any warrior as it was the standard conditions for almost every virtual training facility. But still, this climate could prove lethal if one were to become remiss.

The two apprentices' eating frenzy finally came to a close and they made their way outside. As they emerged from the doorway that led outside, they were rudely greeted by a wave of heat and the relentless suns which for a moment blinded them both. "Jesus, today seems to be hotter than ever!" Fearless observed to himself as he covered his eyes. Devil Wing produced a similar response, frowning with squinting eyes almost as if there was a bad taste present in his mouth.

"Ready?" Sinister asked. Both Devil and Fearless checked their gear and weapons one last time. "All set." Fearless confirmed. "Me too." Devil agreed with a nod. "Alright, let's go." Sinister spoke as he abandoned his position against the wall... and with that, they were off.

They traveled through the city of Mos Eisley and beyond the foregone outskirts of the famed spaceport. Several hours had passed; it was now late-morning and the joint suns rested incandescently, high above the bleak sky of grey. Nevertheless, the heat emitted was so easily palpable it was almost as if the suns were only but a few meters away. The air was dry and thick; full of sand and dirt carried on the backs of the wind that constantly pierced the skin and wormed its way into the eyes. The breath of Tatooine itself was merciless.

It was as if the planet was performing an act of prohibition against the inevitable battle...

Our warriors now neared their final destination... their grand stage... the one place Sinister never intended on visiting again; the Valley of Lost Dreams. It was like most of Tatooine, though it quaintly rested on the lower section between two giant plateaus and was generally unaffected by the notorious windstorms.

This area previously served as the paramount staging area for many battles, including the war waged between LSJ and FOG. Due to its low seat in accordance to the surrounding plateaus, and the fact that it was surrounded by overbearing cliffs, it remained much cooler and thus, was dubbed official battleground for all skirmishes in the past when combat in the city was forbidden.

"We're here!" Sinister announced enthusiastically, pointing towards the Valley of Lost Dreams which lied only a few hundred meters away. "It's about time..." Devil Wing unsurprisingly griped as he took a swig of his canteen. Fearless unleashed a sigh of relief. "I was beginning to wonder if this place even existed!" he lightly joked as a smile of contentment came across his face.

The three fighters made their way over toward the path that carved out the hillside and led downward to the bottom of the valley. Before commencing their descent, Sinister noticed the all-too-familiar sight of an ancient runestone with an inscription that translated into Valhalla Awaits, Brave Souls. He knelt down and performed a short action with his hands, bowed and then rose."What is he doing?" Fearless thought to himself as he observed in wonderment. Devil Wing nonchalantly rolled his eyes and started to descend down the beaten path.

Fearless could not withhold his interest. "What was that?" he asked in fascination. "I just asked the Gods that created this place to bless us and if we die that our souls be welcomed among their presence in the hall of warriors." Sinister said. Fearless was speechless. "To think, he does have faith." Fearless told himself, still finding it hard to believe what he just witnessed to be true. "C'mon let's get going." Sinister suggested with a wave.

The three made their way down the rugged path to the Valley of Lost Dreams that which will forever hold the stories and tales of past, present and future warriors. From above, the Valley looked no different than anything else, yet when you're down there at the pit, on the ground that so many have fought and died on, the land where dreams are born and lost, you can't help but feel an epic sense of power and struggle.

"Is this good?" Devil Wing questioned as he stood over a potential spot to setup camp. "Yeah, this is fine." Sinister replied in assurance. "According to the information I received, LSJ should arrive noon tomorrow" Sinister warned the two. "What do we do until then?" Fearless questioned anxiously.

"We wait."
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Mourning Glory
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