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PostSubject: Back to Basics   Back to Basics EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:40 pm

"We have one day until LSJ arrives." said Sinister to Devil and Fearless. Once again they sat in the vVv saki bar in a dark, secluded corner at a small round table. Devil Wing started to speak. "Well, how are we going to go about capturing them?" he asked. "Yeah... I mean what the hell are we supposed to do? Use stunswords?" Fearless agreed. Sinister sighed before speaking. "Look, I know you're not happy that we have to take them in alive, but that's just how things are..." explained Sinister. He sighed once more. "At least we will all be free!" he joked with a smile with his hands held high in joy.

"Yeah... whatever I guess." Fearless muttered. Devil interrupted "Sinister you still haven't answered my question..." he said. "Oh, right! Well, yes we will be using stunswords... I will teach you both a few techniques that can only be done with a stunsword." he told them cheerfully.

"Great... We're forced to use stunswords, while they have the advantage of their normal weapons... and let's not forget we have no idea how many of them there will be and all we have is us 3!" Devil Wing griped pessimistically, putting his hands over his forehead. "Don't be such a wuss..." Sinister began. "There may only be 3 of us, but we out-skill them and outclass them. Who do they have? Jiraiya... that's it. Spidey is gone and so is LAK and I doubt the others have improved much in such a short time." Sinister reassured his comrades.

"We will be fine!" he exclaimed. "Now, let's go so I can teach you two those techniques..." he lightly ordered as he finished the last of his saki.

The three warriors exited the saki bar and traveled to their virtual training facility.

"Ok, the first of the techniques is known as Ka Ryu Sen. This technique creates a gust of wind which is used to stun enemies. It helps to buy you some time in tight situations..." Sinister explained. "Now, watch closely... I'm only doing this once."

He clutched his sakabato with both hands pointing the tip of the sword straight out in front of him. His right arm was extended straight, while his left was bent downward. He took a step forward with his right foot and performed an "S" shaped motion with the blade almost instantly, creating a strong but small gust of wind which knocked both Fearless and Devil Wing off their feet.

"Wow!" Fearless exclaimed, still struggling to regain his balance. Devil Wing still sat on the ground in a daze. "Here..." Fearless said as he held his hand out to help Devil Wing rise to his feet. "I don't need your help..." he said in a cocky tone, slapping away Fearless' hand.

"Alright, now you try!" Sinister encouraged them. "I'll go first!" Fearless said anxiously. He made an attempt, however instead of a gust of wind he produced a light breeze. "Hahaha!" laughed Sinister. "Not quite... you need to put more "mmph" in your step and swing your blade faster, like this." he demonstrated.

Devil Wing rose to his feet and began to speak. "I thought you were only doing it once Sinister?" he snidely remarked. "Well... sometimes I break my word, but only to help those close to me." Sinister replied. "I'm sure..." said Devil as he took a few steps forward.

"Alright, enough child's play. It's my turn." Devil Wing announced pretensiously. He prepared his stance and seemed to be quite focused. He took a deep breathe and executed the technique well for a beginner. "Nicely done." Sinister congratulated him.

Devil Wing started over to a nearby building and sat down with his back against the wall. He clutched his hands behind his head in a lazy, yet proud manner with one leg crossed over another. A subtle smirk of superiority came across his face and he spoke. "Fearless, hurry up... I'd like to learn the rest of these techniques before sundown." he snidely remarked.

"Yeah, alright tough guy..." Fearless replied as he prepared his stance to attempt the technique once more. "Now remember what I told you." Sinister reminded him. "Yep, I got this!" he said confidently. He clenched his blade with his hands and put it in position and then... he performed the technique with exact precision and power, leaving a trail in the ground and putting a small crater in his target.

"Wow, that was great!" Sinister called out in shock. "That was even stronger than Devil Wing's..." he continued. "Keep that up and one day you are going to put me out of business" he joked. "Haha, yeah I guess I don't know my own strength." Fearless replied modestly, scratching the back of his head. Devil Wing interrupted. "Hah... beginner's luck, that's all." he said in an effort to justify the situation. "Luck or not... he still did well." Sinister concluded. "Nice job, now let's continue..."

As the day went by, the two warriors learned additional basic techniques with their newly owned stunswords. Before they knew it, day turned to night and the sun was resting while the moon shone through the sky... lighting their world in a subtle, light blue color.

"Alright you two, let's call it a day." Sinister announced in a sigh of exhaustion. "You've both done great. We have a big day tomorrow so it's time we turn in and get some much needed rest." he told them as they returned to their sleeping quarters. Fearless and Devil were so tired that they did not care to say anything further and dove into their beds. "Goodnight." Sinister said.
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