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PostSubject: Revenge   Revenge EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:39 pm

"Is all this true?" Sinister asked once he finished reading a transcript of an intercepted LSJ transmission. It told of a planned attack LSJ intended to make on vVv. "Yes sier. Our sources confirm that it is indeed true." the recon droid replied. "Very well..." he said apprehensively. "We have 3 days. Find Fearless and Devil wing." Sinister ordered. He clutched the transcript in anger, crumbled it into a paper ball and tossed it into the trash bin. "Tell them to prepare for war."

Hours later, the trio of Sinister, Devil and Fearless would meet in a private location owned by vVv which included a saki bar.

"I think you both know why I have called you here." Sinister began speaking. Devil and Fearless glanced at one another for a moment before returning their attention to Sinister. "It's LSJ. They intend on ending our lives..." he spoke, seeming to be disgusted.

"What do you mean?" asked Fearless. "They plan to attack us in 3 days time... Fortunately, we were able to learn of this before it happened..." explained Sinister. A refreshment droid approached Sinister. "More saki sir?" it asked. Sinister gave a wave of refusal to the droid before speaking. "No, just water."

"What the hell is wrong with you? You love saki!" Devil questioned. "It does not taste good to me..." Sinister mumbled. It is said that saki tastes different depending on one's mood. "Well why not?" Devil asked. "It doesn't matter, let's get back to what we're here for." Sinister replied, almost seeming depressed.

Fearless could not withhold his tongue. "WHAT THE HELL IS THEIR PROBLEM!?" he raised his voice in anger. "Calm down..." Devil told him while Sinister seemed not to care. "Well I just don't get it! What did we ever do to them?" he asked in a perplexed manner, smashing his glass into their table.

Devil looked to Sinister in disbelief who was nothing short of passive in the situation, before returning his attention to Fearless. "Now is not the time for anger." Devil said to a restless Fearless. "Just relax... if they want a war then we'll give 'em one." Devil assured him as he finished his glass of saki. Just then, Sinister spoke. "You know the thing about war..." he hesitated for a moment. Although Sinister was present physically, it was obvious his mind was elsewhere. "Every side thinks they're right..." he said melancholically.

After he spoke, the three were silent and the atmosphere became placid... Sinister was in another time, seeming to be going over memories in his head. Devl was enjoying a custom sandwich without a care in the world. Fearless still remained restless and agitated... periodically shaking his head in disgust. However, the tranquility did not last long...

"Well I still don't get it..." Fearless began to speak once again. "What have we ever done to them to legitimately warrant an attack?" he asked. "It's not about us..." said Sinister. "This attack is against me." he continued. Devil almost choked on his sandwich, then he and Fearless both gave Sinister a puzzled look. "Huh?" Fearless asked in bafflement.

"I have history with them long before either of you were ever around." explained Sinister. He took a quick drink of his water before speaking again. "I have been their friend numerous times... and I have been their enemy numerous times..." he continued. "It's complicated..." he sighed.

Sinister closed his eyes and delved into his memories of the past and began to speak.

"We were all together in ASO; myself, LAK and Kratos. All of us were friends until a time came where I desired to leave. Before I left, I convinced Kratos to follow me." he explained. "As we departed ASO, Kratos and I sabotaged their training quarters..." he said regretfully. "Till this day I still don't understand why we did it." he said, taking another sip of his water.

"After that, Kratos and I formed SS with Hattori. Tensions built... we eventually grew tired of one another and SS disbanded. Everything after is just a rollercoaster of friendship and hatred..." he muttered, looking down upon the table. Fearless sat attentively, while Devil finished his sandwich. Sinister once again began his reminiscence. "When we left ASO... to LAK we weren't just leaving. To LAK, I had stolen Kratos from him."

"After our previous skirmish with LSJ only a few weeks ago... LAK has abandoned Kratos." said Sinister. He put his hand over his forehead before speaking again. "Now LAK has exiled himself from his own empire... simply because of a disagreement he had with Kratos over me." he said with affliction.

"I am responsible for this." Sinister admitted. "You have done nothing." he told them as he extended his hand out in assurance. "This is simply a matter of old demons finally making emergence."

Just then, a man in uniform entered the bar and approached their table. In his hands were documents of some sort. As he came closer it was evident he was a kind of lawman. He stopped just short of their table and spoke.

"Sinister?" he asked. "Yes...?" replied Sinister. "This is for you." said the man as he handed Sinister the documents. "What is this?" Sinister asked as he looked up to the man. "I don't know. I'm just here to deliver it. Read it, it should explain everything." the man replied before exiting the saki bar.

"What the hell was that all about?" Devil asked aloud, while Fearless nodded in agreement. "I'm not sure... Let's see what this says." said Sinister as he began to read the letter. It read...

Dear Sinister,

You have been a fugitive for some time now. You cannot escape the past crimes that you have committed. They will follow you until the day you pass. However, you can live knowing you are no longer a wanted criminal. You can live in peace. We have a proposal for you.

You have been absent in the criminal underworld for some time now. In your absence a new power has arised; LSJ. Find LSJ, arrest them and transport them to the Tower of Latria. You may use any means necessary, but ensure that they are alive. In doing so, your criminal record will be cleared and all charges against you and your associates will be dropped.

We have commenced a new training facility for saber combat. Although we have neglected pursuing you in the past due to your unique abilities, just know that this new program will grant us the ability to finally do so... should you choose to not take advantage of this proposal.

We strongly urge you to consider.

The Galactic Police

"Well, that's quite an offer." Sinister sighed apprehensively. Before speaking once more, he looked to his friends at the table and could clearly see their disease for the situation. "So, what do you think?" he asked them. "It's your call..." Devil replied, seeming somewhat reluctant. Fearless gave a nod of agreement and spoke. "Yeah, whatever you want to do. I'm with you." he said.

"Alright. It's settled then!" said Sinister. "Upon their attack, we will arrest LSJ and escort them to the prison of the Tower of Latria!" he exclaimed. His mood of depression seemed to instantly disappear. Fearless and Devil obviously did not share his enthusiasm. "Waiter, get me a bottle of saki over here pronto!!" he ordered.
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