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 Victory One

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PostSubject: Victory One   Victory One EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:37 pm

The virtual playing field would change, unveiling a desert-like scene, known by many as Afghan, with various obstacles scattered about. The players would get ready and check their equipment before heading out.

"Where is he?" asked Devil. "Don't worry he'll be here, I trust him." replied Sinister. "I hope you're right, because otherwise this just wont be the same." answered Devil. Sinister replied with a smirk, then walked over to Younes who was making last minute adjustments to his load-out.

"Make sure you carry one of those around at all times. They'll come in handy and potentially save us from defeat." said Sinister to Younes. Younes finished preparing his Stinger Missile and replied with a chuckle "Ha ha I don't think were gonna need it, but if you insist." "Don't underestimate our opponent." said Sinister. Devil then approached Sinister and Younes who were still joking around.

Voices echoed through the facility and then stopped as the announcer spoke. "The match will be starting soon. Please make sure you go over the rules and change your set up accordingly. Violators will be pulled from the round upon opponents request." The chatter amongst the spectators soon started back up.

"Man I sure hope he shows up." spoke Devil. "Cahan will come, just relax." replied Sinister who seemed a bit annoyed. "No I mean Neji..." Neji was once an apprentice of Sinister who used to worship his shadow, but then soon betrayed him. He and Devil always had a bit of a rivalry and argued who was the better skilled. "Ha ha ha" chuckled Sinister, "He wont show up, he is all talk and no game!" Younes then started to laugh and managed to speak "Oh now who is underestimating?" An embarrassed Sinister then replied "Shut ye booty Younes" They all let out a big laugh until the announcer spoke once more.

"The match with vVv against AR will now begin. Prepare yourselves and good luck."

Sinister, Younes, and Devil looked across the field to catch eyes with their opponents. They would be facing the clan AR. AR was a clan that used to train in the Jedi/Sith sparring facilities just like vVv, but then soon left after not having too much luck within them.

"Well, looks like I was right" spoke Devil. Sinister smirked and then replied "We shall see...." "Well you never know he still might come." said Younes. Devil let out a laugh once again and then jokingly replied. "Yea and I'm the king of cornbread!" They all laughed again as the announcer let out the countdown.


"Ayo! You better go fetch yourself a crown then!" yelled Cahan as he rushed to the field.


"haha glad you could finally join us" spoke Devil. "Where have you been anyw--"


"Focus people it's game time!!" roared Sinister.


The players rushed the desert landscape and the battle commenced.

"Alright guys, stick together and make sure you communicate with each other" commanded Devil as they ran up the hill. Once they reached the peak, vVv soon caught their breath and took their assigned positions.

"Now if one of us goes down it's gonna hurt the rest of us. So, make sure none of you die on me, and call 'em when you see 'em!" Sinister ordered to the rest of the clan. They all answered in agreement and waited for AR to make the first move.

"This is getting so boring" spoke Cahan. "No crap, Sherlock." said Sinister "Shut up you guys I think I see one right as we speak." replied Devil as he looked through his scope. "Nope I guess not..."

Bullets then whistled through the air as explosions went off. Sinister, Devil, and Cahan looked around "What the poop was that?!" yelled Cahan. "Cave!!!!" yelled Younes as he fired his gun at their opponents.

They all looked at the cave entrance and searched for targets. Sinister immediately returned fire, picking off two with ease and then reloaded his gun. "Right side!" yelled Devil. "Got em" replied Cahan as he fired his UMP with precision, downing another enemy.

"Alright! Devil you take the left side and watch over the side entrance to the cave and the cliff" commanded Sinister as he took control of the battle. "Got it!" assured Devil . "Cahan, you take right side and make sure they don't get up that hill!" "Younes and I will watch the cave entrance." he continued "Now go!"

Cahan and Devil went to their positions as Younes and Sinister watched the cave.

"A couple coming up my way." warned Devil Wing to his fellow clan. "I think I got them." Devil then pressed the trigger and let out two well placed bullets into his enemies. "They're down" said Devil Wing who sounded out of breath.

"Good good" replied Sinister. "How about you Cahan?" "One coming up now, he's mine, don't worry." spoke Cahan.

Everyone was silent as they heard the footsteps coming up the hill. Sinister looked over to see Cahan clinching his knife. a figure then emerged from the bottom of the hill, and was coming closer and closer with every second. "I sure hope he has him, otherwise this might get a little harder.." thought Sinister to himself. Cahan then lunged towards his target and slit their throat with his knife. They all heard more foot steps and voices coming from the hill. "Get down!" yelled Sinister to Cahan as he threw a couple grenades. "Get back up here!" Cahan ran back to his spot and awaited AR.

"Movement in the cave!!" yelled Younes. Younes would then take them out as Cahan and Sinister eliminated the incoming enemies toward the bottom of the hill.

"We got a straggler" said Devil as he shot his barret into the head of their enemy.

The virtual playing field began to return to normal as the announcer spoke with a final decision. "AR is now unable to battle. vVv wins!" The spectators roared with applause as vVv congratulated each other.

Younes was the first to speak up. "Good job guys we did it." "Yea good job." Sinister said in agreement. "Yea I thought we were done for when Cahan went to go play with his knife" joked Devil Wing. "Haha I wanted to make it interesting." chuckled Cahan.

"Alright guys time for our after party!" spoke Younes. "I can't believe I went this long without some saki!" Sinister laughed and continued with "Lets enjoy this victory while we can guys, because we still have many opponents out there who do not wish to see vVv survive,"
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Victory One
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