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PostSubject: Master & Apprenitce   Master & Apprenitce EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:36 pm

"Why do you carry that lowsy stunsword around?" Fearless asked Sinister as they both wandered the vVv training facility awaiting other fighters to enter. "Why do you wield your weapon?" Sinister responded. "Well mine's not a stunsword!" Fearless replied jokingly. "Precisely..." Sinister told him.

Then he continued "I once used a standard sword like yourself... However, unlike you, I was a tool of war. I killed many people. I stole many lives... all for something I believed could help heal the world." he reminisced regretfully "I was young and blind. Now, I am older and only blind in one eye." he joked, bringing some comic relief to the situation. Then he began again "This is not just a stunsword, it is a reverse sword... the sakabato." he explained as he waved the sword around and gazed upon it in embrace. "I use it to preserve life, not take it."

"What is this, history class?" Fearless remarked sarcastically. "Smartass!" Sinister said, instantly smacking him on the back of the head. "Hey, that hurt!" he whined. "It's not s'pose to tickle..." Sinister mocked playfully. "Well, doesn't look like anyone is fighting right now..." Sinister mildly griped. Fearless interrupted "or maybe they just don't wanna get recked!?" he said, boastfully. "Perhaps. In the mean time let's train." Sinister told him.

"Ok, put this on." Sinister ordered, tossing some sort of shirt to Fearless. "What is this crap?" Fearless wondered out loud. "It's your protection." "Protection? Protection from what!" he exclaimed. "From my lowsy sakabato of course..." Sinister sarcastically told him. Fearless' facial expression clearly illustrated his unease for the situation as he pulled the shirt over his torso.

"Ok, now what?" he asked. "Now we fight...BUT! There's one condition." Sinister hesitated. "You may not block or deflect any of my attacks. Your only option of defense is to evade. Understood?" explained Sinister "Got it!" Fearless said. "I'm ready, let's do this!" he clarified anxiously.

The two immediately clashed and the battle began. This excercise would help Fearless improve in many ways; his anticipation, recovery and of course evasion abilities. By burdening him with a handicap, he is forced to use certain methods and techniques he wouldn't otherwise. Thus, making him a better, more well-rounded warrior.

This was not meant to be an even fight. Sinister was relentless on the attack, landing strike after strike to Fearless' body. Fearless' reliance on his block put him at an extreme disadvantage in this situation and he realized this. "This is bullshit." he thought to himself. "Let's see how he handles this." he continued confidently as he jumped to a high building.

"Oh, it's like that?" Sinister called out from below. "Yeah, it's like that... haha" Fearless laughed. "I didn't want to do this..." Sinister said, seeming to prepare some sort of stance below. "What the hell is he doing?" Fearless wondered to himself in anticipation.

Sinister double-jumped up toward Fearless. "I got you now!" Fearless exclaimed, as he abandoned his perch and began his force push ability. "Nice try." Sinister laughed as he performed an additional force jump which both evaded the push and launched him above Fearless. In an instant, from above a vulnerable Fearless, Sinister performed his aerial technique... thrusting his sword downward with all his weight behind it directly into Fearless' back.

"GRAAAAHHH!!" he cried out in pain as he fell to his knees. Fearless' face was filled with agony and angst. "I've failed..." he mumbled in shame. "You didn't fail..." Sinister explained. "You managed to last longer than anyone else. That is something to take pride in." he continued. "I can't even stand..." Fearless muttered in misery. "I would be amazed if you did haha." Sinister lightly laughed as he knelt down to Fearless.

"I had an advantage there and I still lost..." Fearless told himself in disbelief as he fell unconscious. Sinister clutched Fearless' unconcsious body and lifted it over his shoulder as he departed the training facility. "That is why I am the master and you are the apprentice." he told him.
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Master & Apprenitce
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