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 False Friendship

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PostSubject: False Friendship   False Friendship EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:35 pm

"Sinister, I need to speak with you." Fearless told Sinister over the telephone. "Ok, speak away..." Sinister replied. "No, this needs to be done in person." "Alright, you know where to find me."

The two would meet in the private vVv quarters which included a saki bar. Sinister was seated at a small table, in a dark secluded corner of the bar. He enjoyed being alone even when no one else was around.

Fearless entered the bar with a look of shame upon his face while holding some sort of device in his hands. Sinister knew something wasn't right. "What is it?" he asked, puzzled as Fearless took his place at the round table across from him.

Fearless said nothing. Instead, he just looked down and tossed the device to Sinister. "What is this?" Sinister asked, wondering what the hell was going on. "Just look at it..." Fearless said apprehensively.

Sinister examined the device and quickly realized that it was a mobile telephone. He looked closer and could see that Fearless had opened up a text conversation he had had with Spidey. It read...

Fearless: i feel like sinister is going too hard on me. what do you think i should do?

Spidey: well to be honest... if u want to contribute to a noble cause i suggest you return to sinister as he needs you now more than ever. eventually vVv and LSJ will go at it... that's where you turn on him.

Fearless: you think i should betray him? hell no. that's the only way LSJ would ever triumph vVv in battle.

Spidey: haha i know that would be our only chance of victory. passion sucks, manny is a noob... lak isnt good anymore and jiraiya is alright, but he hasnt been training lately. maybe he made some actual friends outside the battlefront? haha jk

Fearless: ok spidey thats enough, i will see you later

"Is this true?" Sinister questioned. Fearless sighed and mumbled "Yes..." "Well, I figured you would have second thoughts about being a part of vVv... but after reading this conversation I realize your loyalty and Spidey's betrayal." Sinister responded.

"I thought I had a friend in Spidey." he went on. "I see now that our friendship obviously means nothing to him and I feel like a fool for believing in it!" he declared. "and then he goes on to undermine his own kind... corruption at its finest." Sinister continued, shaking his head in disgust. "Christ, I need a drink."

"So you're not mad at me?" Fearless nervously asked. "Mad? No... I'm not mad!" Sinister laughed, finishing another glass of saki. "You've just unveiled an uknown enemy! I'm not mad, I'm proud." Sinister smiled.

"This calls for a toast!" Sinister exclaimed as he poured himself and Fearless a glass of saki. "To false friendships!" he cheered. Fearless did not understand. "C'mon!" Sinister provoked. "...to false friendships" Fearless muttered.
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False Friendship
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