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 Mystery Men

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PostSubject: Mystery Men   Mystery Men EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:34 pm

"Aagghhhhhh!" he screamed as he raced to save Passion from certain death.

Sinister successfully deflected the dark figure's murderous attempt on Passion's life, however in his valiant effort he was left fatigued and at a disadvantage. With little stamina remaining, he used a special technique only possible with a stunsword known by few as, Ka Ryu Sen, which uses wind to stun or impede enemies. "That'll buy me some time..." he thought as he turned to Passion who still lie unconscious on the ground.

"Wake up godammit!" Sinister yelled to Passion as he slapped his face. "Wake up!" he said again. It was apparent Passion would not be conscious again for some time. "Damn kid... now I guess I gotta protect ya." he said reluctantly. Sinister began to rise to his feet. As he rose he could see the figure recovering from his Ka Ryu Sen in the distance.

"He's already getting up from that?" Sinister thought to himself "I need to be careful if he's going to recover so quickly." he continued as he started over toward the man.

Even though the facilities are virtual, they are very real. The map was currently a version of the desert spaceport, Mos Eisley, which is the standard for most facilities. Due to the rigorous conditions and versatile terrain, it is the best atmosphere for warriors to train in. It brings the most out in all fighters.

Both warriors stood only a few feet from one another... both glaring at the other... both savoring this moment for different reasons. "Look.. I know I'm good lookin and all, but I never been one to just gaze upon what I desire." Sinister joked. Surprisingly, the mystery man let out a rather dark laugh.

"Mmmhahahaa" the man chuckled. "What's so funny?" Sinister asked. "Even when faced with death you joke." replied the man. "Unfortunately, I won't be falling to your hand." Sinister told the figure.

"Fool! I'm not talking about you... It's the boy who will die today!" the mystery man exclaimed. A look of bafflement came over Sinister. "Ah... you don't know do you? haha" laughed the figure. "Know what?" Sinister replied. "The technique I used to render the boy unconscious... not only does it remove consciousness, it kills." Sinister's facial expression instantly switched from confused to serious and focused.

The man continued "Don't worry... he's not dead yet, but in a few minutes his heart will seize and then... HE WILL DIE!" he explained with sinister enthusiasm. "That's the beauty of the Creeping Death technique, hahahahahaa" he snickered.

"The Creeping Death technique..." Sinister thought to himself as the man relished the moment. "Yes, Creeping Death indeed, however... I know a little something to save his life." Sinister told the man. The man obviously became aggravated. "Surprised? haha" Sinister laughed. "I was once a Sith myself, so I know the technique quite well, which includes countering it." he said. The man suddenly became infuriated.

"Enough!" the man barked as he flung his arm in anger. "You won't live to save him!" he starkly told Sinister. "We'll just see about that, won't we?" Sinister replied as he dug his feet into the warm, coarse sand preparing his stance. "Hell... I'll give you the first move. GIMME YOUR BEST SHOT!!" Sinister beckoned.

"RAAAHHHHH!!" the man screamed as he ignited his saber and began his death charge toward Sinister. The energy of his dash was literally visible as he threw dirt, sand and rocks all around. A few windows of nearby homes were shattered just by the sheer force of his sprint attack. This fight would not be one to test either fighter...

Neither wanted a fight of endurance or wit. Neither wanted to go back and forth until one made a mistake. No... this was a proving ground for both fighters. 1 move... 1 chance... 1 victory and 1 loss. The only thing that mattered in this fight was simply who was better.

"DIE TRAITORRR!!" the man cried out, raising his sword high above him with every intent of killing Sinister. "Not today..." Sinister replied, almost in a whisper. He ignited his stunsword from its resting position on his left hip and did an almost instantaneous swing outward toward his front striking the figure with extreme power.

The man lie crippled on the ground, unable to move. "H... how?" he asked in utter amazement barely able to raise his head. "Unfortunately, only two people know the answer to that question and neither will ever reveal it." Sinister said with a smile. The mystery man's head dropped to the ground as he fell unconscious, finalizing Sinister's special technique. Sinister let out a mixed sigh of both relief and disappointment.

He started his way over to Passion when he felt a surge of dark energy in the atmosphere, similar to that of the man he had just knocked out. However, this was no single man... it had to be at least two. He looked around, but saw nothing and headed back towards the man in black thinking this may be his only opportunity to learn his identity.

As he approached the figure on the ground a commanding voice called out "Do not touch him!" it ordered. It was the presence he had sensed earlier and he assumed right. There were two of them together. Two more men in black. Two more mystery men.

"And what if I do?" Sinister asked sarcastically. "Hah, you never change." the other figure remarked. "Huh?" Sinister said surprised. "Oh yes, we know you well... Sinister!" the figure explained. "In fact, so well that we know we could kill you right here and now." the dark figure continued. "What makes you so sure?" Sinister asked confidently.

"The technique you just performed. Although we are not able to do it ourselves, we know that you can only do it once a day. Without it you won't be able to defeat us both... not to mention the amount of energy the technique consumes from the user." it explained. "I don't even know if you could land a hit... hahahaa" it laughed.

"What the hell do you want!?" Sinister ordered, beginning to feel uneasy. "We just want our friend there." the figure replied. "Yes, just give us our friend there and we'll be on our way." the other agreed. " Fine! He's all yours." he muttered shamefully.

The two men made their way over toward their unconscious comrade. Sinister once again started over to Passion who did not look good. He got on one knee and checked to see if Passion had a pulse, but couldn't help but feel something weird. He turned back and saw one of the figures looking at him. The figure seemed to be enjoying the moment.

"Who are you!?" he called out in anger. "If only you knew..." the man replied, giving a cocky wave of goodbye. And then... he was gone. "Goddammit!" Sinister cried out in shame as he punched the dry sand beside him. Shortly after he came to his senses and began the healing ritual on Passion.

"What happened?" Passion asked as he regained consciousness. "You just about died." Sinister said in a serious tone. "What? How?" Passion asked. "You don't remember? You and that guy were in a blocklock, then he knocked you out and almost killed you. That's where I came in..." he explained.

"Thank you." Passion thanked him. "This changes nothing." Sinister told him as he rose to his feet, while Passion still sat on the ground. "Then why save me?" Passion asked in bafflement. "Because..." he hesitated, closing his eyes, but said nothing.

He opened his eyes and walked off, disappearing into the sands of Mos Eisley...
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Mystery Men
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