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PostSubject: Unlikely Savior   Unlikely Savior EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:31 pm

"I'm gonna go check out what's going on at the sparring facilities. I'll see you later" Sinister said to Cahan as he departed the arcade. "Alright, peace."
The sparring facilities are a place for jedi, sith and all warriors alike to come and fight among each other neutrally. They are a haven for fighters to better themselves and to hone their skills. Even though the war over the battlefront is over for the most part, there are still many willing to learn and improve their fighting abilities.

In most cases there is such a facility in every major star system, usually at the capital of each planet. Within each facility are separate virtual training rooms with various sponsors. For instance, one of the most notorious training rooms is The Abyss which is sponsored by Mephiles. Other training rooms are private which require exclusive rights to access, such as the rooms owned by LSJ. Each room offers something different. Some are serious, others more laid back. Still, each is unique.

All of the rooms are linked together throughout the galaxy. So, you can essentially have different fighters on different planets all fighting together at the same time, even though they are lightyears apart.

"Whatta surprise... The Abyss is the only room with fighters in it. Guess that's where I'm going then." Sinister said reluctantly. He set up his gear and tested his stunsword to see if it was working properly. It was a special sword which could not pierce or tear a person, but still possessed the same properties of a normal weapon any jedi or sith would use. All fighters were required to wield such a weapon when in the facilities.

"Everything checks out, you're good to go." the ref said to Sinister. "You will be connected with the other fighters shortly after you enter the blast door. Good luck!" wished the ref. Sinister stepped through the door. "There's no such thing as luck..."

"Hah, luck" he laughed. "What a damn fool." Sinister told himself as the virtual map finished loading. "Alright, time to relax..." he thought as he ignited his hilt.

The room was close to full capacity. Many fighters were there that he did not recognize, such as Kitsune of LSJ and Legacy of JOG. The majority of the others were most likely newcomers. However, he did recognize one face; {JOG}Tom. He previously despised Tom for some of the antics he pulled, but Sinister had a new found respect for Tom because he apologized for it. He always respected someone who could man up. Probably because he could relate...

"Well this isn't as satisfying as I thought it would be..." Sinister told himself in confusion. "There are hardly any villains to fight. They keep leaving... I swear nobody has the backbone to finish a round any more." he complained. Just then {LSJ}Passion entered the room and {LSJ}Robert returned from inactivity. "Perhaps now I can have a bit of fun." he reassured himself.

Even though Passion had entered the room and Robert had just returned, it still didn't seem to make a difference. There was an excess of fighters on the hero faction and a lack of fighters for the villains. Sinister himself was a hero, but saw little action due to the fact that the hero fighters were ganging up on every villain team member that they saw. Even Passion and Robert were having a tough time holding their own.

"What a pity. Even with two exclusive rooms and all the time they still spend fighting, they are being made fools of" Sinister laughed "and against a group of fresh fighters... haha." he mocked as he watched the two LSJ "warriors" struggle from a distance. He had opportunity after opportunity to finish them off and knock them unconscious, but never did. It amused him, but at the same time he felt sorry for them...

"Alright, I had about enough of this crap." he said as he turned on a remote communication device. "Jman, switch my team to villains so I can help these guys out." he requested.

"Alright, you should be switched." he told Sinister. "Thanks." Sinister thanked him.

As he spawned at his faction's command post, Sinister sensed something he had not felt in some time. It was a dark presence, but he was unable to identify who or what it was. "Let's get a better look." he grunted as he force jumped to a position that overlooked most of the battlefield. "Alright, now where the hell are you..." he thought to himself.

He saw many fighters, but not the one he had sensed. He turned his attention to the more remote areas of the map. It was then that he saw a dark figure standing on a high, slim building far off in the distance. "There you are..." he said almost excitedly. He abandoned the overlook and made his way towards the figure.

Upon his travel, he sensed another presence ahead of him that was moving in the same direction. It was Passion. He was also making his way towards the mysterious figure. Sinister could have easily passed Passion, but instead backed off and let him reach the destination first. "I'll let you try yourself with this guy Passion." Sinister thought to himself."If you defeat him with ease then he was never worth my time in the first place. But, if you fail..." He smiled.

He approached the area where the figure had been standing. Passion and the myserious man had already started going at it. They seemed to be rather even, but Sinister could tell by the figure's movements he was just toying with Passion. "Interesting..." he thought. "Maybe I will get to have some fun today!" he laughed.

The pace of the battle soon changed. Passion was on the defense, the mystery man was playing aggressor. "Who the hell is this guy?" he questioned himself.

The unknown fighter was completely decked out in black apparel; black robe, black shirt, pants, shoes and gloves all topped off with a black mask. "Hey buddy, it's over a hundred degrees out here. It's gotta be like an oven under all that black crap. How bout you take a little something off, preferably your mask. I'd like to see that pretty face." he provoked the figure.

As he antagonized, the mystery man and Passion were caught in a block-lock. Passion was struggling, while the figure barely broke a sweat. Then, the man turned his head and faced Sinister. He said nothing. He just stared directly at Sinister while effortlessly holding Passion back. Sinister stared back.

"Hey, didn't your momma ever teach you it's not polite to stare?" Sinister provoked again. "Enough!!!!" growled the mystery man as he pushed Passion to the ground and kicked away his weapon. He raised his saber and pointed it toward Sinister. "You're next." he whispered.

The man began to walk over to where Passion lie unconscious. "Wait a second... What's this guy doing? After you knock someone unconscious you leave them be." he said somewhat confused. Then, he took a closer look at the man's hilt and realized "That's no stunsword!"

"Goddammit!" he thought "How can I be so stupid!". Sinister rose to his feet in an instant and rushed toward the man. "This is gonna be close!" he thought as he ran and jumped as quickly and nimbly as he possibly could. The figure rose his sword with both hands high in the air to ensure that this piercing attack would not allow Passion to live and then... he thrusted downward. "Aagghhhhhh!" he screamed.
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