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 Times Have Changed

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PostSubject: Times Have Changed   Times Have Changed EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 1:29 pm

Originally published on February 16 of 2010.


Times have changed...

A new era is beginning. Throughout the galaxy, wars are finally starting to cease. Nations, clans, gangs... all are realizing the refreshing truth that comes with war; it can only last so long. It's only a matter of time... a matter of time until a nation falls and another emerges victorious, only a matter of time before one side abandons all hope or another surrenders. However, the same cannot be said for some.

Even in dormant times such as these, still there are those who cause conflict. Still there are those who restlessly chip away at the peace that others have fought so hard for. What motivates these people? Is it malicious intent... or perhaps simply for sport? No one truly knows. We may never know. Nevertheless, there is a face for these people. Yes, you know them well... LSJ. However, they are not the only threat...

"Why do they do it?" Devil Wing asked Sinister. "I don't know. I thought I knew them. I thought they were done with all that garbage. Apparently not..." Sinister told his old apprentice as he finished his saki. "I just don't get it." Devil said. "Neither do I. One thing I do know, though, is that when together they become entirely different people and that is something many others who have been close with them agree upon." "Ya got that right." Devil agreed, sipping the last of his saki. Then he continued "Hell, even Fearless said the same th--"

"What about me!?" a voice across the bar toward the entrance yelled, shouting over the bar-band and of course the drunks. It was Fearless. "Fearless! Come join us." Sinister shouted back. "Waiter, gimme another bottle of saki as well as an additional glass." Sinister ordered to the refreshment droid. "Surely." it replied.

"Fearless, what brings you here? Don't tell me LSJ sent you here to kill me? I wasn't intending on spilling a poor boy's blood today, especially in my own bar!" Sinister joked. "Yeah, you're good..." Fearless sarcastically replied. "Don't get smart with me boy!" commanded Sinister. The smell of saki lingered on his breath.

"You're drunk!" Fearless exclaimed. "No, actually I am quite sober and you failed your test for the day. You see... I have a high tolerance for this stuff. It takes more than a few bottles to get me going, but that's besides the point." he explained to a confused looking Fearless. "You assumed I was drunk, when in fact I was not." Sinister continued as he poured his new apprentice a glass.

"What did I tell you about assuming...? At this rate I'm gonna start calling you Demoslayer!" They all laughed. "Ok, all joking aside. What's up?" inquired Sinister. "I have a request." said Fearless, almost apprehensively. Sinister assured him "I'm listening..."
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Times Have Changed
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