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 Community Wide Jedi Tournament

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PostSubject: Community Wide Jedi Tournament   Community Wide Jedi Tournament EmptyFri Mar 15, 2013 2:08 am

This topic is just copied from the original one in the JOG site. If you would like to participate, I have provided the link on the bottom to go to and sign up Wink . So heads up, DON'T SIGN UP HERE. SIGN UP AT THE JOG TOPIC.

Now, this tournament is going to be a bit different in that whoever wins the tournament not only receives praise and glory for such a valiant team effort, but will be rewarded in the form of .... money

Yes, money

The team who wins it all will be awarded fifty dollars. Now, I know that's not a lot (I only have so much green to throw around), but money is money and it will definately prove to be an incentive for all of you to complete your scheduled matches. Being that there are two people in a team, the money will have to be divided to each person (that's only fair), so, it would be 25 for each individual. Think of it... gas money... paid by Mastaisac himself, LOL.

Community Wide Jedi Tournament Isaac2


I am looking to get, ideally, sixteen teams signed up and ready to go. Hopefully, we can get the ball rolling on this by this Monday.

What I want all of you to do:

Pick your partner, create a team name, and post your team name along with your usual names here on this thread so I can add you to the tournament. Remember, this is a 2v2, so only choose one partner! Also, post back on the nationofjog site what your teams will be. This will keep things organized for me!


Score is up to 30 for each round
One Luke
One Choker
No Pullers
No Shooters
No Glitching

One week will be given for each match to occur; failure to schedule match will result in forfeit of team who did not pursue to set up the match with other team (pursuit to put actual effort in setting up matches will be judged by myself). If both teams equally do not put in effort to set up match, a coin will be flipped and the team that get's the correct side will move on. ONE WEEK ONLY... It's to ensure this tourney is done and doesn't lag on

Once a team is knocked out of the initial 16 slots, they are not out of the game completely. There will be both a winner's bracket and a loser's bracket to extend the fun and competitiveness of the tourney. Players who fall into the loser bracket will compete in an 8 man tourney... if they win the loser bracket they will proceed to finals. If a team loses again in loser's bracket, they are out of the tournament

People in winner's bracket will play in their own mini 8 man tourney. If they lose once in the winner's bracket, they are out of the tourney. Whoever wins this bracket advances to the Finals

The team who won the winner's bracket tourney will face the team that won the loser's bracket tourney. The reward for being in the winner's bracket tourney is this: The winner's bracket team only has to beat the loser bracket team once... the loser bracket team has to beat the winner's bracket team twice in order to win the whole tourney

*Rules are liable to change


1. Rabbit/Isaac - Victorious Secret
2. Skylink/Manny - Dallas Duo
3. Bill/Viking - NewJersey Chicago
4. Brian/Dbl Trbl - Sexy Jedi
5. Poison/Tom - The Texas Cowboys

Participants In Need of a Team

1. Ninja

*Start signing up people! This is gonna be fun!

I'm locking this topic so participates can sign up on the original topic on the JOG site for organizational purposes.

Here is the link http://nationofjog.forumotion.com/t791-community-wide-tournament#8284

Community Wide Jedi Tournament Sig-02-1
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Community Wide Jedi Tournament
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